Theragem Crystal Light Therapy

A unique non-invasive treatment combining fusion light, color, electromagnetic frequency and crystalline energy 



This treatment addresses the cause of many diseases rather than just the symptoms, and this drug-less approach may well become the therapy of the future.


Body Stimulator

An Automatic Training Machine giving you the most important benefits of a 1 hour workout in just 15 minutes.


Treatment Packages


As the number of treatments required for different ailments may vary, we are offering packages designed to be cost effective and to make our services and products available to all.

Please speak to us about your individual needs, or have a look at the following:




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Whilst we can offer assistance with most health challenges, we specifically focus on: 


Cancer Treatment Support


Depression And Anxiety


Chronic Pain



Inflammation / Infections


"My name is ........................ I used to live on a farm outside of a small town in the Klein Karoo and apart from having a moderately busy high school life, I didn't have much else going on. In January 2018 I moved to Cape Town where I started studying to get my diploma in acting and drama teaching. I am currently in my second year of studying. During my first year I was working part time as a waitress at a busy restaurant close to where I live. Early into the first semester I was robbed while walking to the bus stop near my house and soon I started undertaking intensive self-defense training classes three to four times a week. Very quickly my life was starting to get too busy for me to keep up and I could feel that my anxiety was starting to return again.

In 2015 I had to start taking light medication to cope with the stress and anxiety that my school work was causing. This was able to help me get through day to day life, but whenever I was placed under any form of pressure it would fail me. Matric was an intense struggle for me to get through as the medication was not able to support me efficiently during very stressful times. Needless to say that it was nearly impossible for me to cope with my first year of studies and a part time job while also undertaking intense self-defense training classes multiple times a week. There was not a week that passed by without me having at least one or two emotional break downs and I was constantly fatigued. After speaking to my parents we agreed that I needed to start taking stronger medication. Soon the dose was increased and I was able to keep up with my busy lifestyle again. However, I noticed that I started to feel completely out of touch with my emotions. I became a robot. It wasn't until I started doing my own research that I realized how bad this medication really was for me.

Luckily I am fortunate enough to know the founder of Earthberry Holistic Health. She introduced me to a healthy and natural alternative medication to take instead of my current medication. It had absolutely no side effects and I would be able to use it less frequent. I almost immediately agreed to switch over. I was tired of being on auto pilot. However, she did explain to me that the process of switching from my current- to the new medication was not going to be easy. I was advised to slowly wean myself off the current medication that I was using by decreasing the dose whilst introducing the new natural medication. In desperation I decided to go cold turkey, stopped using the current pills that I was taking at once and started the new medication straight away.

It took roughly three months for my body to process the initial shock of not having the support of the old medication. It was probably the most difficult three months of my life. My emotions were completely out of control and I considered giving up and simply going back to my old medication, more than once. But with the support of and encouragement I received from Earthberry Holistic Health I was able to push through. It was the best decision I could have made. For the first time in my life, as my body was starting to adjust itself to the new medication, I was in control of my own emotions again. I was no longer constantly fatigued and emotional break downs were something of the past. I didn't change a single thing about my busy lifestyle and now I was able to keep up with it.

I am so thankful for Earthberry Holistic Health for monitoring and supporting me on this journey. It has been a year since I switched over to this medication and there is definitely no going back."

IVD Klein Karoo

27 October 2019


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